Welcome. I am a naturalist and Master of Applied Ethics, and I am developing my ecophilosophies, particularly Fluminism, as literature at Manchester Writing School as a PhD candidate. My neologisms may be found here.

I am also a photographer and artist, and survivor of trauma and cancer. At 52, I was diagnosed with profound ADHD.

I have lived in the United States and New Zealand before returning to the Welsh Borders. You may also find me @seasonalight on Twitter, if not wandering rivers, woodland and coasts.

Member of the Consortium of Environmental Philosophers.


Podcast Guest

Melissa Harrison’s The Broadcasting Press Guild award-nominated “The Stubborn Light of Things: Healing”. Episode 25.




Distinction: “Love and ecology … Introducing Fluminism” (2018) TSD Lampeter

Distinction: “Critical Regionalism” (1993) UWIC Received Annual Prize for Critical Studies: Best Thesis (1993) UWIC now Cardiff Metropolitan University.


Battson, G. “Chapter 7, Introducing Symbioethics, a neologism.” translated to Spanish by Gracie Battson, in “Ecological humanities towards a biospheric humanism,” published by Tirant lo Blanch (2023)

Battson, G. “Home” (abridged) published by Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine, Issue 336, January/February (2023), courtesy of Humans and Nature.

Battson, G. “Home” essay for van Horn, G; Wall-Kimmerer, R. Hausdoerffer, J. (editors) “Kinship: Belonging in a world of Relations, Planet, Vol 1”, Humans and Nature (2021).

Battson, G. “Fluminismo” 100 page book, translated to Spanish by Jorge Riechmann et al, published by Ediciones del Genal, Málaga (2020)

Battson, G. “An Ethology for a Kinnage Dweller.” City Blogs, Center for Humans and Nature (Dec 2017)

Battson, G. “Beavers are Fluminists.” Zoomorphic Magazine Issue 9 (Oct 2017)

Battson, G. Harrison, M. (Editor) “An Anthology for the Changing Seasons.” (contributions to “Spring” and “Autumn.”) Books published by Elliott and Thompson, in conjunction with The Wildlife Trusts (2016)

Battson, G. “Living to the Full.” Book review of “Abundance” by Annie Dillard, Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine Issue 299 (Nov/Dec 2016)

Battson, G. “Technofossils and Radionuclides: Welcome to the Anthropocene.” Earthlines Magazine Issue 15 (Jul 2016)

Plus blogs for NearbyWild and the Wildlife Trusts on ecoliteracy and mentoring.

Literary/Art Mentions

Read, R. Why Climate Breakdown Matters Bloomsbury (2022) Walton, S. Everybody Needs Beauty: In search of the nature cure Bloomsbury (2021) Riechmann, J. Simbioética Plaza y Valdes (2021) Chester, N. On Gallows Down: Place, Protest, and Belonging Chelsea Green UK (2021) Riechmann, J. Informe a la Subcomisión de Cuaternario Árdora Ed. (2021) Goldfarb, B. The Dictionary hasn’t caught up with the Climate Crisis The Nation, March (2020) Albrecht, G. Earth Emotions Cornell Press (2019) Albrecht, G. Talk: Solastalgia, Wild Fire Bath-Spa University; Hawkwood (2018) Macfarlane, R. Underland Hamish Hamilton (2019) Terrados, P P. Los grandes simios y sus derechos Básicos ACCI Ediciones (2019) Meyer, A. Global Commons Institute Fluminescence: Honouring the work of Ginny Battson (2019) Lyons, A. Interview Sensitive Chaos, Orford Ness art and sound installation, Heritage Futures/AHRC (2019) Lyon, N. Uprooted, on the trail of the Green Man Faber and Faber (2016) Who Knows ~ A poem for Ginny Battson, by Elizabeth Rimmer, Scotland’s Makar (2016), later published in Haggards, Red Squirrel Press (2018). Macfarlane, R. Landmarks Hamish Hamilton (2015).


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  1. Jonathan Rae

    Hi Ginny, I very much like what I have read of your blogs. I understand you chatted with my Chelsea Green friend and colleague Matt Haslum at Bridget’s book launch last week. I’m Chelsea Green’s UK commissioning editor and I would welcome an opportunity to chat with you.

    Warm wishes,

    Jon (Rae)

    1. Thank you, Jon. Wonderful to hear from you. And my thanks to Matt for the opportunity to say hello and for passing on my website details! I would love an opportunity to discuss working with you. E-mail on its way. Ginny x

  2. Ginny, hello – and can’t seem to DM you via Twitter. But wondering if you might be up for a podcast conversation about fluminism-as-love with me some time? Fluminism is a new concept to me (always love that!) and so would really like explore the connection with love … Helena (Clayton)

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