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Abstract ~ Love and ecology as an integrative force for good and as resistance to the commodification of nature and planetary harms: Introducing Fluminism.

Shiro of Hyphae, by me.

Key planetary boundaries are being exceeded by anthropogenic impacts, and at some pace (Rockstrom, et al). Climate change and biodiversity decline, consequences of hu- man/nature discordance, are impacting all aspects of human and non-human life and in all places on the planet. Human dominion has extended in the form of socio-political orientation towards the globalised, capitalist economy, and in particular to the ‘tragedy’ of limitless growth (Plumwood, Castree). In the UK, the principal approach to nature conservation from the scientific community is now hegemonic financialisation and Nat- ural Capital accounting (Daily, et al), a glove to fit the neoliberal ‘invisible hand’ (Adam Smith).

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Eco-Feminist? Notes.


Female mallard, by me.

UK nature, animal and conservation charities ~ some founded and inspired by courageous Victorian women such as Octavia Hill, Beatrix Potter, Anna Sewell, Alice Drakoules, Emily Williamson, Eliza Phillips ~ have been increasingly dominated by a patriarchal economy and scientific reductionism.
I’m here to say that emotions are absolutely vital. Cast off as irrational, the domain of the inferior female mind, weak, unreliable, emotions are far from it. They are evolutionary drivers of change. Lest we forget.
As humans, we are part of nature. The love we humans feel is a also a force in non-human ecological relationships (I argue via my soon-to-be-submitted Masters thesis), and a powerful one; a force that is inherent in life’s positive, generative interconnections and processes (Fluminism). … Read more

Poem for Buzzard

We played the common land this evening,

dipped the bumps: the hawthorn pits,
while a buzzard observed our sport
from a noble branch of sloe.
Buzzard reserved her verdict as the aviary ceiling
closed above us, swallowing the stars.
When she had vanished, we strolled
far into the dark, hollow grove
recalling her quiet perceptions.

Poem and image by me.

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But a tiny grain of protoplasm…


Woodland Edge, photo by me.

“As our mother earth is a mere speck in the sunbeam in the illimitable universe, so man himself is but a tiny grain of protoplasm in the perishable framework of organic nature. [This] clearly indicates the true place of man in nature, but it dissipates the prevalent illusion of man’s supreme importance and the arrogance with which he sets himself apart from the illimitable universe and exalts himself to the position of its most valuable element.”

~ Ernst Haeckel, The Riddle of the Universe

Prometheus Books, 1900

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Fluminism: Summary of its place in epistemology of environmental ethics.

In correspondence with my tutor…
“The big point I am making, is that unlike holism, deep ecology, Naess, I am suggesting it is the interconnections/processes, the doing, the perpetuation of life, love as a doing word, not the overall ecosystem which require the vital protective emphasis and focus. The problem with holism is that it reduces the worth of the individual. For example, farming is a kind of holism, ecocentrism (Leopold), but species are worth killing for the good of the idea of what is ‘whole’ by the farmer. Instead, by valuing the processes, individuals are generally indispensible. I disagree with the main tennet of deep ecology that the whole, including non-organics, is worth more than the individual. … Read more

Mental wellbeing, capitalism and fluminism. Notes.

Photo by me

On social media, I read of a woman who recently experienced rejection from mental health services during a crisis of severe distress and suicidal thoughts. Seemingly, nurses judged she had been ill for so long and survived that she has developed coping mechanisms so did not need further support.

How devastating must that have been for her. I know something of the absolute fear and isolation suffered during times of severe distress and suicidal thoughts. My heart goes out to her. What kind of society perpetuates this kind of distress? A society where so many are driven to desperation, then have no-one to turn to.

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The Transilience Gap


Photo by me.




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7128901907_e7e66fdb93_bPhoto by me.

A few words on words.

Two particular yet simple words, love and ecology, are my inspiration in the creation of my own neologisms ~ fluminism, and then sanguimund and praximund, the latter two as constituent parts of the former.

As to the title of my thesis ~ Love and ecology; an integrative force for good and as resistance to the commodification of nature and planetary harm ~ love and ecology, as lexicons combined, are complementary, in that one word is a positive emotion and the other a rational science. Like life itself, it is the combination of affect and rationale which our brains assimilate as moral constructs and in the choices we make every day. … Read more

Folk Memory

Folk memory is the mystery of human-nature time, a connection to ancestral imagination forged directly in the natural world. Even the unnatural and odd root us in something evermore powerful than ourselves ~ as powerful as evolution itself. All is possible.
With mischievous ribbons, folk memory weaves, with words and mind-pictures, the ghosts of all the life that has ever existed. Folk memory is a collective and no-one is excluded, not even the cynical. Tales flow from mind to mind through space and time. Like the ancient soils, they pull us deep into our origins and lead us to the windy paths of the future. … Read more

An urgent appeal to the world's leading humanities scholars, organisations and institutions.


Owl of Athena, ink drawing by Ginny Battson

More than 15,000 scientists have signed a SECOND WARNING to humanity, that we must curtail the crippling damage we, as an interconnected species, are inflicting upon Planet Earth.
I appeal to all humanities scholars, organisations and institutions. Please read this document, in full.

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

It is time for leading humanities scholars, philosophers, ethicists, anthropologists, historians, archaeologists, geographers, writers, artists and musicians, et al, to collectively issue a similar and vital warning.
We must unite across the board in human understanding, and with urgency.
Action is needed NOW to curtail disasters of epic proportions over the next century and beyond. … Read more

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