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Tissumbles ~ a tweeterie.

Face Painting on my face by my Gracie.

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Re to For

New Green Shoots, photo by me.

New words for new times.

Modern humans spend a lot more time dwelling on the past rather than contemplating the future. This is reflected in the words we use (as are most things). Times are changing and, with Earth in crisis, we are needing to imagine our futures ~ preferably, good ones.

With so many things re-quiring a very new approach (at least in living memory), I am beginning to dislike the prefix RE.

re-wire, re-weave, re-wild, re-store – ā€˜reā€™ as in to go back. Latin re- again, go back, Latin possibly from PIE ~ wret. … Read more

Fluminismo, el libro – a beautiful collaboration.


El amor y la ecologĆ­a como fuerza integradora para el bien y como resistencia contra la mercantilizaciĆ³n de la naturaleza y los daƱos planetarios.ā€


ā€œFluminism. Love and ecology as an integrative force for good, and as resistance to the commodification of nature and planetary harms.ā€

I have some exciting news. My treatise and narrative on Fluminism is to be published in Spanish as a 100 page book. Better still, it has been a collaboration of love, kindness and generosity.

The great ecopoet and moral philosopher, Professor Jorge Riechmann, along with his dedicated community of students in Madrid, have translated it from English to Spanish. … Read more


Credit: Paula Bronstein
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Biosemiotics is an increasingly important study for our westernised species Homo hubris. Observant of signs between living beings, it is a process and, therefore, relevant to the ecophilosophy of Fluminism.

“Relationships are strengthenedĀ via language in multiple forms, indeed a world of biosemiotics exists between all livingĀ beings (Wheeler, W), experience and even memory.” Introducing Fluminism (Battson, G).

“Biosemiotics is dedicated to building a bridge between biology, philosophy, linguistics, and the communication sciences.” Springer Editorial.

Increasingly, in a volatile and rapidly changing climate, there is a need to draw attention to the signs emanating from ‘above’ – the climatic symbols of change (sometimes violent). … Read more

Anti-symial, anti-flumial.

Hidden farm dump next to the River Wye at Glasbury, nr Hay-on-Wye

I have been looking at the word social in relation to symbiosis/fluminism. ‘Sociability’ in teresapien life is studied by biologists. But its daily use relates to human sociability, sociology, etc.

The ‘ecosocial’ is already in use, but again this is largely interpreted as human-centric with a bias towards external ‘environment.’ For instance, in ecosocial ‘design.’

When we charge subjects or objects, even acts, as being anti-social, there is a shaming element. Shaming is important in moral evolution ~ a moral rejection of the ‘wrong’.

So I’m going to use the word anti-symial (anti-symbiotic), to introduce the same effect for all life. … Read more

Skies, enslaved.

The brutal scars of industrial prowess upon our atmosphere (above Hay-on_Wye), therefore, all life. Photo by me.

Look up in a clear blue sky on any given day and you’ll most likely see at least one vapour trail, if not many. It depends on where you are in relation to global aviation flight corridors. From satellites, Ā they are often seen to scar up so badly it’s as if giant whips have been unleashed :Ā The Whipped PetersĀ of Planet Earth.


Ā© Jet contrails as seen by satellite, NASA Langley Research Center

Planes don’t simply contribute to the climate emergency by direct CO2 emissions from burning fuel, although that contributes around 2.4% … Read more


Dead hedgehog in the middle of Llandaff Playing Fields, Cardiff. Photo by me.

From the Greek, trauma ~ “a wound, a hurt; a defeat,” from PIE *trau

+ genitive of latin, mundus ~ “universe, world” mundi.




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On Structural Love ~ learning through shared pain.

Lemn Sissay speaks at the Cambridge Union. Photo by me.

At the top of a wide staircase, under the light of a golden chandelier, I met an elderly man with depth to his eyes, leaning on a stick. We smiled, and began to speak of love and nature ~ that sponteneity, with a stranger. Itā€™s rare. Ā And memorable.

A few moments before, we shared an audience downstairs in the Cambridge Union; the talk by Lemn Sissay at the Cambridge Literature Festival. I have written before about his book,Ā  My Name is Why. Now, we were at the back of a long booksigning queue. … Read more

FutureFlo Chart ~ draft sketch

Towards the Symbiocene, Futureflo chart by me.Ā Charting direction, death and hope, in context of life, abundant.


I hope it generates discussion, at least.



(sensible comments/improvements most welcome).



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Photo by me.

Non-human? I have come to despise that we treat all other species in the negative and in comparison to our own species with such overt exceptionalism. At the same time, I do not wish any new word to accentuate separateness. I’ve worked on this for a while now.

Tere ~ Proto-Indo-European root meaning cross over, pass through, overcome.

Sapien ~ Latin meaning discerning, wise, judicious.

By the ‘wisdom’ of the biosphere, we Homo sapiens have many other species to live up to.

Healthy teresapien systems = their wellbeing = our wellbeing. Let evolved processes happen. We are ecological consumers not producers. … Read more

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