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The Megwalia of the Anthropocene


Photo by Italian photojournalist, Antonio Masiello. Please click on the photo to go to his FB page for many more critical  images of our time.

We are bearing witness in the English Channel and other places around the world to the natural movement of living beings, often with young, who are fleeing from their homes, from distress, seeking a flourishing and safe future in new bioregions, places.

I feel it’s time to recognise the HUGE event it will become. I wish not to describe any difference between refugees, migrants, alien species. But the reasons for this historical event are vital to the Anthropocene itself, and dripping with searing questions/answers. … Read more


Pebble art by Gracie and friends. Photo by me.

If you are already nawoke, what was your gateway in, your epiphany event?



  … Read more

Averimania ~ think bioregionally!

A for average, in nature, is rare! Photo by me.


The word average has an interesting etymology. It originally seems to have been derived from an Arabic word, ‘awariya ” meaning damaged merchandise.

Since the Middle Ages, the shipping and insurance industries adopted the term, I guess due to the high risks of damage from voyages on the high seas.  If a ship were in trouble, and cargo, or ships masts, or other material goods, perhaps even crew or living cargo (human or not),  were thrown overboard in order to save the vessel, then losses were calculated by producing a mean ‘cost’ for each claimant for Insurance purposes. … Read more

Fluminism, creativity, and neologisms.

Lichens, by me.

As a Fluminist, I continue to challenge human chauvinism underpinning the Anthropocene; reductionism and homogeneity continue to catalyze schisms and death rather than unity and life.

I call for a purposeful expansion of the human moral imagination and creativity to help close the transilience gap, and my own work is a particular inquiry on love and language as agents of, and for, nurturing education and change inseparable from that richer imagination.

The word creative stems from proto-indo-european ker meaning to arise, to grow. I contend it must be part of the Great Turning (Macy), more the decay of economic growth and the rise of ecological growth. … Read more

Glascella ~ a state of being.

Mont Blanc, through glass. Photo by me.

Cancer. Pandemic shielding. And now post-op recovery. I have spent a great deal of time this last two years trapped behind glass. Sometimes, unable to use all my senses to the fullest, especially in relating to my kin (human or not).

Windows, laptop, TV and phone screens shield me in my vulnerable state, at the same time frustrating me from my usual state of being out and in nature. But at least they offer a thread of attachment to the natural world. Sometimes, it is watching my pigeons on the balcony, through double-glazed patio doors. … Read more

Symlit ~ an emerging genre. Proposal.

Woodland mycelial hyphae, photo by me.


Nurturing love and symbioethics during the Sixth Extinction through language and neologisms (Sym-lit).

Sym ~ assimilated from Greek form of syn- word element meaning “together with, jointly; alike; at the same time;” from PIE (proto-indo-european) ksun or sm meaning “together”.

Lit ~ from Latin litera, of alphabetic letters; later litteratura, of words and books.

Aims and Objectives.

As a Fluminist, I am offering a new genre with a symbioethical rhetorical perspective, and hope to research and learn how it may fit into the wider genre of ecocriticism, creative non-fiction, and the effect/affect on human agency during our hugely disconcerting Sixth Extinction. … Read more

Biological sex, mind blowing.

Snailsex, photo by me.

“With the pace of smartphone evolution moving so fast, there’s always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied the latest handset, there’s anticipation for the next big thing.” Chris Hall, Pocket Lint. Jul 2020.

I want us to be able to think like this when it comes to our own bodies.

“With the pace of the science of biological sex moving so fast, there’s always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied the latest paper on biological sex, there’s anticipation for the next big thing.” Ginny Battson, Seasonalight. Jul 2020.

Bombarded with new reports and adverts year round, we have largely absolved technical revolutions as part of our modern culture. … Read more

Gwylet ~ a fledgling gull.

First flight, a juvenile gull lands heavy on the balcony. She’s scared. Parents, sentinels. The community is a riot.

I’m going to call this mottle-beauty a gwylet, after Welsh gwylan for gull and ‘et, as in cygnet, owlet.

After hours, she finds her way to the edge, and swoops again, wind through her virgin feathers.

To another, lower shiny, slate roof.

Landing, slips down, backwards, wings stretched. Friction.

Stops. Climbs ugly to a tiny notch. Breathes.


I’m with her parents, on guard, until nightfall. But in the morning, they are all gone. #gwylets #gulls



  … Read more

The Emergent Urgent

The Emergent Urgent, Photo by me.

I think it’s time we looked at time scales in terms of ‘doing’. The reality is the need for immediate change. Today. That everyone is not participating today is complex, but there’s real truth in urgency.

The use of the word ’emergency’ has been severely compromised. I have read on Twitter a defense of using the phrase ‘long emergency.’ A long emergency is about as useful as a flying brick,  a nonviable dialectic – AN OXYMORON. People need to understand the urgency, in mitigation and adaptation.

Western techno-industrial values, competition, fear, consequential life-styles and the general global devaluation of life for markets, that lead to habitat loss, emissions, poverty, racism, failing democracy, dictatorship, xenophobia, North-South divides, nationalism ~ please feel free to add more ~  are failing all living beings. … Read more

Bees to seed, and Black Lives Mattering.

Image by me ©2020

The nature of nature, is where blooms transform to seed. It’s not an ugly process, far from it. It’s life-process. Does it begin with the egg of the solitary bee who pollinated this flower?

It’s not a catastrophe, but a sacred process. Look further to ecological death, and life. It’s love. We may look at our own bodies in the same way. Don’t fret about flowers ‘going over’. They are beautiful.


Anxiety grips me again, during just a handful of days this time. Matter builds as crystals from the process of evaporation, and all the little thoughts become sharp and transparent. … Read more

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