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Master of Applied Philosophy, with a passion for wider ecological understanding and symbioethics. I have written for the Center of Humans & Nature, Zoomorphic, Earthlines and Resurgence & Ecologist magazines, plus contributions to the book series The Seasons, “Spring” and “Autumn,” published by Elliott & Thompson in conjunction with The Wildlife Trusts (2016).

Creator of Fluminism ~ an ecophilosophy of life/love flow.

Fluminismo ~ 100 page book available from Ediciones de Genal, Spain.

Getty Images (including photos posted here).

My neologisms may be found here.

I have lived in the United States and New Zealand before returning to the UK. You may also find me @ginbat and @seasonalight on Twitter, if not wandering rivers and coasts. Mother, awildian, caninophile, and survivor of trauma and cancer.


  1. Anna

    I love your blog Ginny – some really wonderful, thought-provoking pieces here. If you’d be interested in contributing a short piece or photo blog to the ezine then please do drop me an email at
    Have a lovely day,

    • seasonalight

      Thank you Anna, this is very kind of you. By all means, I’ll be in touch.

  2. Bill Bisgood

    Hi Ginny, good to see you again

    • seasonalight

      …and you Bill, looking forward to catching up.

  3. Bill Bisgood

    and many thanks for the follow on my blog:)

    • seasonalight

      I’ll enjoy your posts!

  4. Wendy Campbell

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write so eloquently about these things that matter so much to all of us, even if we don’t yet realise it. A great gift Ginny. Deepest thanks.?

    • seasonalight

      Thank you deeply, Wendy, for reading and making time to leave this heartening message. The pleasure is all mine. Ginny x

      • Wendy Campbell

        You are most welcome Ginny:-)
        You have inspired me to include your thoughts in my blog as part of a note on an inspiration that happened for me the day after reading this! Such are life’s synchronicities:-)
        Wendy x

  5. seasonalight

    Beautiful! x

  6. Nina Lyon

    Just checked in during a quiet moment and – gosh – a lot of things have happened since we last met. Lots of love. Will hunt you down in Cardiff sometime in the new year. xxx

  7. seasonalight

    Nina! I would love that. Thank you! Lots of love to you too. xxx

  8. Jonathan Rae

    Hi Ginny, I very much like what I have read of your blogs. I understand you chatted with my Chelsea Green friend and colleague Matt Haslum at Bridget’s book launch last week. I’m Chelsea Green’s UK commissioning editor and I would welcome an opportunity to chat with you.

    Warm wishes,

    Jon (Rae)

    • seasonalight

      Thank you, Jon. Wonderful to hear from you. And my thanks to Matt for the opportunity to say hello and for passing on my website details! I would love an opportunity to discuss working with you. E-mail on its way. Ginny x

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