Tenovus Cancer Care Helpline.

This Christmas, I just want to pay tribute to Tenovus cancer support.

Two years ago, my very existence seemed uncertain, and I was lonely as I underwent extensive palliative treatment for a type 3 aggressive womb cancer at Velindre Hospital, Cardiff. Velindre staff were always lovely to me, but hugely busy, as they treat more than 5000 people a year.

I knew  few people in Cardiff, and didn’t want to burden anyone. So I rang the Tenovus helpline. Ex-cancer nurse and confidant, Elaine, was a godsend. We discovered a shared love for nature ~ she even has a very special thing for red kites!

Sometimes she’d call and we’d simply talk about this shared love, and it would be enough to ease away my anxieties and help me deal with the difficulties. So, I just want to thank Elaine again, and all the team at Tenovus for their commitment and dedication. As head of communications, I have also grown to admire Craig very much. I just know they all want to help.

Despite COVID19, cancer continues to rear its scary head for some. Tenovus makes it less scary. It can be especially lonely when immune systems are suppressed and self-isolation is recommended, sometimes over long periods of time. I think everyone can now relate to this, because of the experience of COVID19.

Here, I post a recording made to help in an appeal for funds, and you can also read my story here in Wales Today.



I know financial circumstances are massively uncertain due to the ongoing pandemic, and charities have suffered too. But if you can afford to donate, even a small amount, it would certainly help them, and so many others like me in these times of uncertainty. Thank you. If not, no worries! Just know that there are people to help should you ever need it. With love from me.


PS On a personal note, I gained weight by going through surgical menopause and by taking steroids through treatment. I am now losing it again, but it is so much harder as you get older! Wish me luck.