Malbys, Maltrys, Catastrophic Extinction Event.

Barrels of oilIt’s enough to realise just how much money oil companies globally have made over this last couple of years, leave alone centuries, and have, generally, not equitably distributed it.

First, they facilitated climate change by producing and marketing the fossil fuels that were burned by industry, transport and buildings to release green house gases. Then they discovered the global damage and ongoing crises they were creating, and covered it up. Then they continued lobbying for species damaging drilling rights, subsidies stolen from the poor, and anti-competitive price rigging. Coups and wars have been instigated over oil.

But then there are other oil-based and oil-fuelled products developed such as pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, internal combustion engines (cars), roads and guns (yes, guns). The airline industry. Add in the forced migrations from land occupied, brutally destructive oil spills, tankers, more slicks, poisonings, explosions, and the backhanders, and in the corruptions of the arms trade. 

Second, the catastrophic effects of green house gases and climate change on all life and the ecological impacts on climate via the billions of gallons of pesticides sprayed. And the harm, and the suffering of all life.

And the funding of politicians who legislate, the universities who kowtow for funds, the construction firms that build the border walls that plough funds back to those who levy the cost of visas against those living in protectorates who are fleeing from the devastation caused by… you guessed it, climate change.

And now another catastrophic impact – an increase in human violence, largely male urban violence, but also suicides, as a result of increasing temperatures. Families, communities; the suffering.

I am calling two wrongs malbys (mal ~ a moral wrong and bys ~ double ).

Three wrongs, a maltrys. 

Multiple wrongs… and it’s a catastrophic extinction event. 

We HAVE to change. We have to stop using oil.