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Ecophilosopher and nature photographer with a passion for wider ecological understanding and symbioethics.

Demedaim – Moral Imagination Deficit.

Struggling to imagine. Image by me.

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Symbiosis, symphiosis – oririosis, and the oririan.

News is coming thick, fast and shiny this week from the scientists of the cosmic/quantum universe. The JWT is functioning: Our capital-ite synthetic eye is peering much deeper into space/time. Quantum ‘entanglement’, recently more narrowly defined linguistically as ‘memory‘, has been proven to be possible some many kilometres apart.

Apologies to Schrödinger who coined the term in 1935 – but we do need to update our language. And “memory” falls short, because the union is presently active.

Entanglement? I don’t see the difference between the biological and the physical, the arguments made between individuals, wholes, and the sum of parts meaning more than the sum of the whole. … Read more

15-15-15 interview with Laura Muñoz

My sincere thanks to philosophy scholar,  Laura Muñoz, coordinating editor of 15-15-15, Manuel Casal Lodeiro, Professor Jorge Riechmann, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , and my daughter Gracie Battson for her Spanish translation skills. Please click on the image for the link.

Biophilia, Fluminism, Symbiocene. An interview with Ginny Battson – 15/15\15 (
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Fluminism as Literature – Introduction to Miratics


Talk by Ginny Battson, recorded largely by the River Lugg (fieldwork of place) for playback at the English Shared Conference, Manchester, July 2022.




[above gentle rush of water, some traffic noise, birdsong, including cooing woodpigeons, and occasionally duck wings flapping in water]


From Ginny Battson to Paul Evans

Hi Paul, I wonder whether you would be good enough to offer your thoughts on a new word I have been forging for this idea of introducing a little magic to non-fiction. You said you’d be disappointed if I didn’t come up with something!

I recently attended an online event with Catherine Wilcox and Charles Talioferro, and asked them what they thought of using highly imaginative interventions in non-fiction.

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To spull, spulling


We are entirely into the gardening season, and I am protecting my wildflowers that grow along my front wall with polite signs (and additional cartoon butterflies), asking neighbours kindly not to “weed”.  I am the only person along my row of terraces to allow the flowers to grow freely. Last year, we had red admirals breeding in the low-lying pellatory-of-the wall and plenty of solitary bees and wasps foraging among the dandies and groundsels. This year,  a tiny aubretia appeared from nowhere. I hope they grow into a fine clump of purple.

I understand gardening, and even farming, sometimes require us to make choices in confined places. … Read more

Chapter Won. Introduction. Let there be peace here.

The Old General Hospital, Wye.

Boon or bane, I was born downstream from this place I stand now under unfurling beech leaves, just past the Victoria walking bridge. Down there, around the bend. See it? A red brick hospital is now apartments with annual ground rents and an alloted view. I’ve grown up with my feet in this river, with the mayfly larvae, on sunny picnic days at Bredwardine beach too, knowing— turning wet pebbles in just my toddler’s knickers and sunhat – I was part of it all. This river taught me how to listen and swim. When you are bred into quiet waters and their teresapien communal places, you’re bathed in that soft green song. … Read more

Letter to Jesse Norman, MP – Integrity, honesty, and respect.

21 April 2022

Dear Jesse Norman MP

Integrity, honesty, and respect.

Yesterday, I listened to Boris Johnson’s performance-apology over a Fixed Penalty Notice for partying during the very lockdown he instigated by law, and I am afraid he has brought great shame to our Nation.

My father’s oldest and dearest friend, and therefore influential in my life, was Mr Hugh Rees, Conservative MP for Swansea, a lifelong Conservative member and, truly, a good man.  Although we were politically poles apart, he was–every atom–a man of great integrity, honesty and respect. He taught me much about politics and political decision making, as well as the core Conservative value of loyalty to the people.

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Various, plus Dysenergy (& Wantonomy)

Hungry for energy, the field, Westhope, 2011.


Another week, another bereavement. Could the grief bus just stop. I want to get off.


Meanwhile, thoughts are whirling around my head, several key projects stacked in my brain’s in-tray. I am returning to studies after a two-month bereavement break and, in all honesty, I am finding it difficult to concentrate on these longer works (though I’m trying), and much beyond my daughter’s imminent A’Levels, or bursts of 280 characters.

I am moving through a period of deep loss, ADHD diagnosis ~ also some kind of loss, but of my old identity ~ and medicine titration; a battle to even get anything from the NHS. … Read more


chensiyuan, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Ergonvast ~ energy wasted, akin to ecocide, impacts social, ecological and climatic systems in a negative way, and adds to planetary crisis.


Ergon ~ Ancient Greek ἔργον (érgon). Doublet of work.

Vast ~ from Latin vastum. “Empty, desolate.” Origin of “waste”.


For example, light and noise pollution, uninsulated housing, wasteful advertising technology.

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