The mirror, cracked. Seven years bad luck?

Art by NATASHA ZETA, Cracked Perspective (butterfly piece). Please click on the image for more information about this artist and her work.


Seven years, they say, of bad luck. This UK Election was a mirror, a moment for deep change. And today, it feels like the mirror cracked.

This is precious time; this seven years ahead. This will be time for a very structured organisation, meticulous and detailed (the genius being in the detail) investment in time to slow the worst effects of inequity, racism, climate volatility and ecological depauperation. We can prepare now, away from the political bubble of The City and Westminster and the BBC and the billionaire press, amongst ourselves. No-one can stop us. Protest the press. Educate widely. This is our Ardean moment.

Seven years (five with Johnson, another two to heal some wounds). Time to look deeper into those cracks, and act to counter the ignorance, privilege and selfishness. Conjure and share the ideas and stories. Articulate the imagination, and aim high for those goals of a Good Life. Good will attract good. Shake-up the foundations of an ill-education, an ill-economy and an ill-wit.

Bring down the borders, at least of hearts and minds, with a strong arm and a smile. Be angry, with love.

It’s beyond time to structure love into the fabric of our daily lives, in personal and in public, and to re-draft the social constructs and contracts to make them beyond reproach. Structure them. Make them steel. Love can be steely, and uncompromising. It’s usually the best.

I will write about this more, and soon. I call it, for now, #StructuralLove.

Life-force conjoins and bifurcates in three dimensions. Maybe four. This glistening, spinning spherical delta of life flows to a huge ocean we call the biosphere. But it’s dying, a tidal death-surge, in ways that have not been experienced by any living being for some 55.5 million years. And it is happening now. It’s rippling through all living beings, sapien and teresapien life, and most are on the move to escape, no matter how quick or how slow.

We are nature and nature is us. Remember this. The climate of political upheaval correlates with the unrest we feel of the Earth; the volatility is the same energy; the same culture of power over others. So even it.

The movements of wind, drought, rain follow the desperation, and desperation will follow. So, in community, like the hyphae, we can be more than the sum of ourselves, to reverse this, like a tide. Be that tide.

Love is the life-flow when it leads to flourishing beings, symlings among symlings, in all their majesty and in all their exquisite relational semiotics and song, unineterrupted. See the flow, pure, as innoculation and salve to symling life. Be defiant.

Listen to and feel it. Touch and taste it.

It is in the dying where suffering exists, not death. An ecological death even gives rise to Life. Just as Extinction gives rise to eons of new Life. Like death, it is not Extinction that is pain. Those that are dead do not feel pain. It is the process of Extinction, and all that it does to Life, which we see before us right now, and the inconsolable grief of the hacking and sawing of life-flows leading to Extinction ~ racism, poverty, trauma (TRAUMA), pollution, soil-sealing, fragmentation and utter abject cruelty.

And the loneliness. Please, don’t be lonely. To be singular is to be empty, more, dying. Join, like the delta to the river, and to the ocean…

And sing the needlessness of it all, because we are conscious beings, able to choose. Others have treatised, through war, that much power. Instead, let go a little of that much power,  And channel the processes of life and the forces of renewal leading to Life.

These are some of the processes that, flowing well, do err towards Life not Extinction. We’d do well to remember them in our daily lives, perhaps the greatest moments of human potential, and to silence the evolution of hate. Because hate it is.

Brazen liars, cheats, racists and climate criminals may have their time now. And their media ilk. They are the ones who privatise their Rights over stolen places and sapien and teresapien life. But history will judge them, and severely. Through neglect and spite, they have pinned their blue/white-skinned flag on the end goal of Extinction. We’ll not be judged the same way. Please don’t bear their responsibility. Please don’t accept their ignorance. Our flag is Life itself.

Simply keep the flow of life-love flowing.

Basic introduction to the four main ecological processes. There are countless others. Please look them up, read, remember and facilitate them to their utmost, as #Fluminists. Process is also about communication. Please tell others. #Ecoliteracy