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Extinction and Establishment

Photo by me.


Leading British Medical journal, The Lancet, going strong as a traditional peer-reviewed publication since 1823, tweeted this today…

The statement is astonishing in three ways. The Lancet’s editorial team must be accepting of XR’s peaceful, though criminally disruptive actions, as legitimate. In turn, they confirm the world’s governments are indeed criminal in their failure to tackle the planetary crisis. … Read more

My Name is Why, love by its absence.

After the age of 7, I admit to never feeling comfortable with teenage boys. I avoided them, especially at night. Today, in my imagination, I was 12 years old again, in an old homework room at boarding school. Hot tears were running down my face from painful homesickness for my Mum and the wild I missed, whilst hugging a 14 year old boy from a care home, himself lovesick for a loving family he never truly had.

Lemn Sissay’s fearless memoir My Name is Why is a book of love by its absence. Lemn is the name given to him by his birth mother from Ethiopia, and means Why in the language of Amharic. … Read more

Equinox and the Unity of Opposites

Autumnal Wye, by me.

It’s Autumnal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, a point where night and day bridge equivalence like giant balancing scales. There is no opposition. All is flow throughout our annual voyage around the Sun. Yet light and dark are opposites.

Time flows constantly like a river, woven through life and death, change and recurrence: The sequence of days, the cycle of months, the rhythm of seasons ~ years pass.

The unity of these opposites provide the tensions needed in nature for existence. Tension, in this sense, isn’t necessarily about identity or conflict. It is more like the taught string of the musical instrument called life process, to be played with exquisite results. … Read more

Malbys, Maltrys, Catastrophic Extinction Event.

Barrels of oilIt’s enough to realise just how much money oil companies globally have made over this last couple of years, leave alone centuries, and have, generally, not equitably distributed it.

First, they facilitated climate change by producing and marketing the fossil fuels that were burned by industry, transport and buildings to release green house gases. Then they discovered the global damage and ongoing crises they were creating, and covered it up. Then they continued lobbying for species damaging drilling rights, subsidies stolen from the poor, and anti-competitive price rigging. Coups and wars have been instigated over oil.

But then there are other oil-based and oil-fuelled products developed such as pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, internal combustion engines (cars), roads and guns (yes, guns). … Read more


Photo by me.

Weid ~ to see, as in to know (PIE). Witan – wit, wise, wisdom (Old English).

Legh ~ pronounced lay – lie down (PIE). Root of lazy. Root of law.

Witanslay ~ a wise laziness.

A necessity sometimes, for the ones who seek a new era of Earth integrated and symbiotic life ~ to be less busy, to enjoy quiet, to burn less fuel, to stay local, to use less resources, to tread less heavily, to take up less space, to notice, to enjoy the small things, to relish close companionship, to be in the moment, to share closely, to create beauty in the immediate (space/time), to allow succession, and to feel the sanguimund. … Read more

The Great Hack

I have not written here for a few weeks. Sometimes, those personal insecurities become a block. I’m OK now.

I love to write, because I love life. Today, I am compelled to write, because I love life, compulsively.


Have you watched the documentary, The Great Hack? It’s on Netflix right now. 

I urge you to see it, listen and think deeply about what is being said. The human angles are clear. The story is of the dismantling of Western democracy as we understand it. It is one of electoral manipulation and an erosion of free choice. 

A group of clever but immoral individuals clubbed together to swing votes using social media data and the targeting of vulnerable demographic groups. … Read more


Video Clip … Read more

Llanbradach, and fear.

Photos by me.

A rubble road crests a ridge above the old coal pit village of Llanbradach. Breeze blocks and plastics are decaying to dust, beginning to press themselves shallow into the chorography of this place. I stand on a jumble of human fall-out, taking in the views, and think of my father; and his father.

Llanbradach Hill is one of many swells in the geodrama known unsentimentally as the South Wales Upper Coal Measures Formation. Down deep, where it is warm, labarynthine tunnels have been blasted out by men long dead, and the spaces left uncollapsed now leak with water, gas and ghosts. … Read more

Earth Emotions, new words for a new world ~ by Glenn A Albrecht

Since my article published in Earthlines, Technofossils and Radionuclides, welcome to the Anthropocene,  I have been referencing the significant work of Australian philosopher, Professor Glenn Albrecht.

Glenn is renowned for his term Solastalgia, as reported before in the New York Times, now embeded in popular culture, for example, featured as the title of the fifth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins.

In this podcast by Cornell University Press, Glenn talks to Jonathan Hall about his powerful new book, a lifetime of work on words and emotions, culminating in the most profound and hopeful message there is – The Symbiocene. … Read more

Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness – a book of healing and trust

Joe’s Harkness’s Bird Therapy is a thing of healing.

This is a man that has been to the lowest emotional point; the first few opening lines allow a glimpse of the depths of colourlessness that depression can bring, the point at which the pain comes to zero, and there seems nothing left to value, not even life.

Don’t be deterred; there’s great courage here. Through relatable accounts of his re-connection of a life-love of birds, and new paths found, Joe finds his way back from the brink of nothingness to somewhere good, somewhere of vibrance and of song. And he brings us all along with him. … Read more

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