A brief response to Jan 2016 POST-Note Parliamentary Briefing on Policy.

Here’s the latest briefing from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, Houses of Parliament “Trends in Environment”

If you care about nature, do read it.

As per usual, the UK science community advising here FAIL to raise the importance of egalitarian environmental education. Nor do they seriously question growth economics supported by the Natural Capital Committee (who feature prominently, of course – yawn).

Values mentioned are limited, if not singular! All in all, this document is typically reductionist, disappointing and foretells nothing new.

The Conservatives won’t be driven to act in the radical way which is now needed to set us on a truly sustainable course. Electoral reform might give the electorate (and therefore non-human life) some hope, but of course POST are hardly in a position to suggest that!

The state of the environment, and our relationship with it, is vastly more than about money. We really need to look at shifting value-sets in society, to look at our place within nature, and not without, and towards integrated action, compassion, love and reciprocity.

What we absolutely need is a cross-disciplinary and inclusive approach, to bring everyone’s individual attention and energy to real change. Egalitarian ecoliteracy offers just this.