World Suicide Prevention Day




By sharing stories, we can learn from one another. Not least, being honest about our feelings, no matter how bleak.

No-one should have to deal with emotional turbulence on their own.

Life is not all about being happy. But sometimes, unhappy is the bottom of a deep, dark well.

After many years, I’ve come to the conclusion that illness is the wrong description for mental distress. There are multiple reasons for mental distress; evolutionary traits, genetics then, importantly, experiences, memories, habits, social pressures, governance, wealth, relationships, trauma, stress, climate change, biodiversity loss… the list goes on.

We are all unique.

To class every distress of the mind as ‘Illness’ simply gives over our own power to others, to medics. We do have our own powers, even if we need help to find them. Even if we need medics to help.

Key though, is that the right help for each person is needed, which means the first help might be the wrong sort.

Please, encourage those suffering to find the right help. It may take a while, sometimes a long while.

We are all unique.

And so then I would ask all to be receptive to those expressions of feelings. Listening is good. To be a listener is to live the good life. It is a skill that can be learnt.

Also, Suicide Survival Lists are good (reminders of why one should stay alive that can be kept in a pocket).

Suicide is preventable, but even ‘treatment’ doesn’t necessary end in avoiding the worst.
My mother was being treated.

All we can do is share the stories, our own and others.


One final thing from me. And it is important.

Peace is not death. Peace is here on this Earth, at one with yourself, in your relationships and at one with the planet. Death is nothingness. Escaping from pain to eternal nothingness? I’d rather find peace here on Earth. Having been to the bottom of the darkest well, I know this is possible.

You can find peace again and live.