Fluminophilia, fluminophiliac


The River Wye, towards the Black Mountains. Ginny Battson © 2014


2 thoughts on “Fluminophilia, fluminophiliac

  1. Hi Ginny, I suppose I am a Heraclitean like yourself. At any rate, I have been enjoying browsing your site and, although you may already know about it, I just wanted to mention an interesting notice about Laniakea, our home supercluster, that I think you would enjoy (link below). I am also especially impressed by the many beautiful photographs in your postings (also thought the Bruno Walpoth sculpture was rather nice). Take care. Stefan

  2. Stefan, this is wonderful. Thank you. The news from Hawaii came to me not long after posting my new ethic, Fluminism. I can’t and won’t presume it is a universal phenomenon, but the essence of their work does tend to support my idea. The visualisations are also very beautiful! I am looking forward to exploring more of your work. Thank you for visiting my site and for posting your comment. Ginny.

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