Mental distress, emotional pain.

GINNY BATTSON·MONDAY, 16 MAY 2016 ~ Note for Friends on FB. I thought I’d now share to the blog…



Emotional pain. It can be so searingly deep, real, visceral. I sometimes feel as if I have no skin whatsoever, it’s that raw. I have friends going through some really difficult times right now and I can’t help but feel some of that pain too. What happened in my own life in 2008 caused me changes, both in the mind and in the body. The two are inseparable. And I know I’ll change again, because that is the nature of our uniqueness through time. The scientists are only just realising what the ancients in the East, especially, were already confident about – plasticity of the mind and the impacts on body and spirit (and vice versa). Hard earned through experience, and now we modern humans find it too in MRI scans and electrodes.

How we think can effect the body and our bodies can effect our mind. We are impacted by events around us. We can be injured, mentally and physically. And we can heal (at least enough to function), given the right help for us as individuals. We can also be stuck in patterns and our minds can become overactive or underactive. Again, the Eastern philosophers had an advanced notion of this and psychologists (and some enlightened psychiatrists), are now re-discovering very similar things through empirical trials.

What I do believe is that if we all really understood the interconnectedness of events, environment, each other (relationships with human and non-human life), then we wouldn’t be so prejudiced to perceived ‘weaknesses’ or ‘strengths’. We wouldn’t be so reluctant to ‘grade’ each other as weak or strong, sick or well. We come in all shapes and sizes, both mentally and physically, biologically and in our consciousnesses.

If we learned to talk to each other more, reveal our inner worries and difficulties, seek help, offer help, then perhaps the burden of pain would lessen for each of us. A burden shared is a burden halved… and we each can be equipped with emotional first aid, for self-protection and for helping others. Just living, life, being alive, here in this world of living beings, supporting one another. It won’t save everyone, everything, but it might help. I guess some might call it love. I do. Others might call it community. Some, God.