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Like Heraclitus, I learn from rivers. In all things, I perceive flow.

I am not writing of Eastern notions of being present in the zone. Instead, I write of the interconnectedness of all, in the flows of the elements, of water, geology, relationships, true love, time, tides, place, trophic cascades, air, dynamism, weather, music, biodiversity, universes, entropy and enthalpy…

Like circles, like breath.

genitive plural of flūmen ~ fluminum

genitive case is one that expresses possession or relation, equivalent to the English ‘of’

Of the merging of subterranean mycelium. Of rivers and riverlike confluences (riversmeets).

I introduce the word Fluminism: the interconnected narrative of universe, there is flow to and from all dimensions, including ones we are yet to understand. The complexity is endless, the minutiae beautiful.

I am a Fluminist.



  1. Jaya Chakrabarti

    Thank you for this wonderful word which I will now use to describe my own flowing-and-connectedness with the universe. Not sure I can compete as it’s a phenomenal word. But I did come up with a definition for kindfulness a few years back:
    and also the concept of a midlife catharsis:
    Both of these require fluminism. I feel inspired by you to blog again…
    Thank you!!

  2. seasonalight

    Jaya! I am so grateful for this comment and the links you’ve sent. Connection! And I am so glad you feel inspired to write again. The world needs your wisdom. Ginny x

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