Light Seeking

An urgent appeal to the world's leading humanities scholars, organisations and institutions.


Owl of Athena, ink drawing by Ginny Battson

More than 15,000 scientists have signed a SECOND WARNING to humanity, that we must curtail the crippling damage we, as an interconnected species, are inflicting upon Planet Earth.
I appeal to all humanities scholars, organisations and institutions. Please read this document, in full.

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

It is time for leading humanities scholars, philosophers, ethicists, anthropologists, historians, archaeologists, geographers, writers, artists and musicians, et al, to collectively issue a similar and vital warning.
We must unite across the board in human understanding, and with urgency.
Action is needed NOW to curtail disasters of epic proportions over the next century and beyond.
Thank you.
Ginny Battson.
Environmental Ethicist, Writer, Photographer and Mother.


  1. joturner57

    We need to fundamentally change our way of living… realizing that our current focus on ‘endless growth on a finite planet’ is leading the world and all its creatures (not merely humans) to absolute disaster. I hope the ongoing news of environmental and planetary damage will stir us to wake up and act globally…. to live more simply, more mindfully and in a way that supports, rather than destroys, a healthy living natural world.

    • seasonalight

      Thank you, Jo. Sincerely.

  2. J Brown

    Perhaps one of the first things we can do is to become aware of what governments are actually doing to our climate – there is no longer any reason to deny geoengineering, Agenda 21, etc. It impacts every single one of us.

    • seasonalight

      I am genuinely doubtful they are that organised. Resources are still directed to the nuclear deterrent. Thanks, G.

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