Photo by me.

Non-human? I have come to despise that we treat all other species in the negative and in comparison to our own species with such overt exceptionalism. At the same time, I do not wish any new word to accentuate separateness. I’ve worked on this for a while now.

Tere ~ Proto-Indo-European root meaning cross over, pass through, overcome.

Sapien ~ Latin meaning discerning, wise, judicious.

By the ‘wisdom’ of the biosphere, we Homo sapiens have many other species to live up to.

Healthy teresapien systems = their wellbeing = our wellbeing. Let evolved processes happen. We are ecological consumers not producers.

To be a Fluminist, you feel, facilitate and protect natural processes. You’re an unblocker of blockages to the process-flow, a worker WITH the process-flow (need not excess), and ~ key ~ a messenger in any way you feel best – the cultural element of Fluminism, inclusive of all.

I’ll put it another way.

Teresapien evolutionary life-processes are the foundation for our existence. We can fiddle around the edges and hedges, and do that very well (permaculture, regenerative & wildlife gardening, etc), but the main bulk of flow has to be successional processes “responding” and “adapting.”

This, too, is a question of space-time scale, in the avoidance of anthropocentrism.


I hope you like it.