Re to For

New Green Shoots, photo by me.

New words for new times.

Modern humans spend a lot more time dwelling on the past rather than contemplating the future. This is reflected in the words we use (as are most things). Times are changing and, with Earth in crisis, we are needing to imagine our futures ~ preferably, good ones.

With so many things re-quiring a very new approach (at least in living memory), I am beginning to dislike the prefix RE.

re-wire, re-covery, re-weave, re-wild, re-store – ‘re’ as in to go back. Latin re- again, go back, Latin possibly from PIE ~ wret.

We need to look forward into newness that’s just. And that needs to be reflected in our language.

Instead, I propose a whole new suite of words beginning with ‘for’ Old English prefix usually meaning “away, opposite, completely,” but from PIE ‘per’ forward, hence. Per has been adopted in English to mean in front of (as in perform), so I suggest we for-quire FOR as in forward, a well-used term from forth – out and away from a starting point. It is forsilience.

for-wire, for-cover,  for-weave, for-wild, for-store… and not least, to foreducate…

Newness ahead.



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