Symnexia, to replace Sanguimund

In the River Arrow, photo by me.

I’ve been unhappy for a while now with my word “sanguimund” (Latin for Blood Earth) to describe the visceral, living human emotional connection with life on Earth. I found out about the fascist term “blood and soil” ” Blut und Boden” not long after the publication of Fluminismo. It isn’t good enough to plead “but I didn’t know.” I must attend to it, even if sanguimund could be viewed as connecting all humans, equally, to the entire world (mund), therefore flattening out any kind of hierarchy, racism or supremacy. It’s too close, however, and I despise ecofascism. As my daughter points out to me (she is a budding linguist), I need to induce “feelings and emotions” in the experience of using the word. Blood is a noun, objective.

Words are an evolutionary process, as are their meanings (Spring Theory). Sometimes, meanings may remain but words change. I’m going to use the word Symnexia from now on to mean the same thing as Sanguimund.


Sym – from Greek “syn” meaning together, associated with “symbiosis”.

Nex – from English “nexus” meaning a connection or series of connections linking two or more things, or a focal point, or part of a chain of causation. From Latin “nectere” meaning to bind or connect.

ia – suffix, the state of being, belong, or pertaining to.


This isn’t a feeling restricted to humans, or any being containing blood. I also like the “mn” sound, it’s enjoyable to pronounce, don’t you think? I like it better than synexia. We’ll see.