Bruticulture – a neologism

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Median mental states and habits of society, but a toxicity. Enculturation and socialization by “normative” instruments such as mass media;  the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of society influenced by phenomenon that are directly and indirectly a human violence unleashed upon LIFE and Life-ism.


English, brutal, meaning cruel or thoughtless. From latin, brutus, meaning heavy, dull, stupid, insensible, unreasonable.

English, culture, an umbrella term meaning ideas, customs and social behaviours of individuals, groups or societies. From latin, cultura, meaning tillage, a cultivating, agriculture, figuratively meaning care, culture, an honoring.


Anti-Flumial, anti-symial acts, competition, racism, classism, colonialism, aggression, neglect, wanton denialism, anthropocentrism ~  values repeated and published to the masses via various means, with the actions and consequences of harm, trauma, death to human and teresapien lives, and a continuation of the Sixth Extinction Event.