I extended an invitation to Twitter forΒ tweet-size memories of personal encounters with FOX. I have collated them all, so far, into this blog and will publish more as I receive them.
Thank you to all those who have contributed words and images. Enjoy.


Tiffany Francis
@ginbat Used to live in dodgy south London estate & crept out to bins each night to feed meaty scraps to the foxes!
@ginbat Dew-soaked grey morning, chilly, standing at the back door, cuppa in hand. Adult fox trots along the tow path. Heart skips a beat.
@ginbat Will never forget the first time I saw fox cubs. Playfighting & rolling through bracken on an Abertridwr hillside in the early 1980s
@ginbat Years ago, I saw fox climbing the steepest field I know. Every time I pass it, I still look for him. Shut my eyes, I see him now. #fox
@ginbat Huge dog fox just padded past me in the wood, face like a red panda. Quiet and quick with each stride, long legs, thick tail. Breathtaking.
Elizabeth Rimmer
@ginbat Fox
unseen, no footprint,
but the bitter smell lingers
on the morning’s frost.
also published by Eildon Tree
@ginbat 2008. Fox cub ran into my parents’ conservatory, bit my Dad’s toe and ran out again. Vixen & 3 cubs lived behind Dad’s shed that yr.
Helen Thompson
@ginbat Fox and sheep companionably ignoring each other yesterday. Our cat is similarly unfazed by this fox.
@ginbat Our cat has been seen sitting side-by-side with this fox for all the world as if they’re discussing the weightier issues of the day.
Chris West
@ginbat on walk saw vixen with 4 cubs pouncing round her. 2 Months later, young fox playing in r plot. Fell in love, but scared her off :'(
Jo Cartmell
@ginbat An autumnal morning at dawn with dew-laden trees. Glistening brown, red & orange leaves and a russet fox sat on the brow of a hill.
Chris WoodleyStewart
@WaterVole @ginbat Far in Alaskan wilds on honeymoon. Resting, we turned to see a totally fearless young fox sat close by. His first humans?
Elaine Douglas
@ginbat Our regular night time visitor
Nick P. Williams
@B_Strawbridge @ginbat Radio-tagged male swam River Avon at Bristol. Took 3 nights & much running to witness him using I-I binoculars do it.
@B_Strawbridge @ginbat River c250m wide at selected crossing point but got dragged 850m downstream by tide. Sadly killed on road days later.
Rob Cowen
@ginbat Chapter 1 of #CommonGround πŸ˜‰ – one long encounter. This is a GREAT idea. x
Helena Sanderson
@ginbat @MrsEmma I’ve only ever seen two, and the memories are always very close to hand! πŸ™‚
Nicola Chester
Watching fox earth with son, summer before secondary school. Adolescent cub stalks out & cautiously, bravely past us
Ock Viewer
@ginbat late I noticed a fox looking at me when looking for otters we stared at each other until I broke the spell by trying to take a photo
Hannah Boschen
@ginbat walking along the road admiring a fiery sunrise & coming f2f with a fox. We made eye contact for a brief moment. Magical connection
Gill Brown
@ginbat On a badger watch under an oak a fox came within a meter of my face and looked me in the eye for a split second before turning tail.
Marion Malcher
#Fox stole my slipper
Jumped in an open window
Chased her down the street
Monya M
@ginbat SE London, a friend πŸ™‚ –He had (my) footsteps to look forward to rather than run from.
@ginbat once heard/saw fox hunt in distance. Came across exhausted fox in country lane. Placed on back car seat, coat over it, drove away.
Glenn Albrecht
@ginbat In fast moving car at night. Fox chasing rabbit. Rabbit escapes fox by running under car. Rabbit safely exits. Fox smart but hungry.
Stephen Byrne
@ginbat sound like a baby crying, out of window, distressed cat on fence squaring up to inquisitive fox eyeing her up, cat leaps fox runs…
@ginbat often too the highlight of many an early morning inebriated walk home, when I used to do that sort of thing…
Findlay Wilde
@ginbat I saw these two just playing in the frosty field, I watched them for hours. They were just enjoying life.
Connel Bradwell
@ginbat Was on a bus in the countryside & saw beautiful fox it was bright orange/red with big bushy tail, my first outside of town. Magical!