Mental Distress = Rain Gauge


Self Portrait

Despite all effort to break the stigma of mental distress, some still assume some kind of weakness manifest as illness, limp or spent.

What naivity!

To the contrary, it takes deep fortitude sometimes just to endure each day. It takes steely courage sometimes just to ask for help.

Mental distress is no weakness. It’s a brave search. It’s a cultivation of resilience to deal and discount implicit threats palpable by bio-chemical shitstorms within us, whatever the cause.

It’s an evolutionary adaptation giving us deep life-insight somehow. I really think so, and so does Randolph Nesse. If all truly recognised this point, think of the good ways society might change.

Mental distress = rain gauge. Life and society. Read the measures, the answers are more likely to be here.

But it takes relentless stamina, and sometimes we just need a break.


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