Postcard Poems ~ Fox, Badger, Otter, Hen Harrier, Robin, Hare.



Flame quick, then saunter-scinter

I am light and quiet, until I am lonely.

Hear me yap

Through gaps

In closed trees; minds

Pad-foot through wood bush

Or big, barley acreage,

And fluffy clouds.


I lick when hot.

Strike when not.


I am always here. Remember me.





Play-dance in moss, then burrow

I am low and slow, until I am busy.

See my shoulder

Strong under boulders

In berrylands; hands

Bare among the ramsons, digging

Or wormeries under oak,

And gentle rain.


I sleep when hot.

Dig when not.


I am always here. Remember me.





Silver slim, then swimming long

I am ribboning, until I am hungry.

Smell the hormone

On wet, pewter stones.

On joy-mud slopes; toes

Roll-spine and tail straight above flow

Or nursing kits in alder holes,

And thundering.


I fish when hot.

Vanish when not.


I am always here. Remember me.



Hen Harrier


Silken glide, then nested heather

I am sky-barrelling, until I am broody.

Taste the lizard-prey

On lazy, lichen days.

On Scots pine and sour grass; tongue

Stalling wind, talons open to land

Or hatched chicks from rarest shell,

And heat haze.


I rest when hot.

Hunt when not.


I am always here. Remember me.





Flicker wing, then tilted peer

I am feather and soft, until I am angered.

Touch this red

On twigs overhead.

In thin hedge or fence pole; soul

Ruffle the dead-leaf, and pull the worm.

Or mealies in copper-cat gardens,

And blizzards.


I bathe when hot.

Fight when not.


I am always here. Remember me.





Sleep-fur-curl, then open-lands

I am twitch and edge, until I am running.

Dream my fears

Beneath wheat-ears.

In dips, hide; eyes

Burnt orange, like ancient fires.

Or green waves on rounded hills,

And gales.


I pant when hot.

Box when not.


I am always here. Remember me.




All available as postcards to purchase in packs of six, coming soon. Thank you!





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