The Megwalia of the Anthropocene


Photo by Italian photojournalist, Antonio Masiello. Please click on the photo to go to his FB page for many more critical  images of our time.

We are bearing witness in the English Channel and other places around the world to the natural movement of living beings, often with young, who are fleeing from their homes, from distress, seeking a flourishing and safe future in new bioregions, places.

I feel it’s time to recognise the HUGE event it will become. I wish not to describe any difference between refugees, migrants, alien species. But the reasons for this historical event are vital to the Anthropocene itself, and dripping with searing questions/answers.

I am simply reflecting on the beginnings of something colossal ~ geological.

Meanwhile,  global planning and compassion are moral imperatives, otherwise xenotrauma becomes an existential crisis in itself. Obstacles are many. Extinctions. Cruelty. Starvation. Anger. Mass adopted endemism will be forquired even if hopes are realized.

Crisis upon crisis upon crisis.


The great movement of living beings (air, land and sea), seeking safety and security during the Anthropocene. Caused by human fear, greed, racism, poverty, drought, flood, political oppression, and ecological collapse, and, in turn, the ethics, values and actions that caused them.

Homo sapien and Tere sapien lives are effected/affected, in the places abandoned and the places of refuge, from blue whale to human to flower to microbe. Suffering and death, wellness and life.

From PIE roots:

*meg- meaning “great.”

*gwā-, also *gwem-, meaning “to go, come.”


*lia, as in paraphernalia, Mammalia, regalia, etc. it represents Latin or Greek -a ~ plural suffix of nouns.