Credit: Paula Bronstein
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Biosemiotics is an increasingly important study for our westernised species Homo hubris. Observant of signs between living beings, it is a process and, therefore, relevant to the ecophilosophy of Fluminism.

“Relationships are strengthened via language in multiple forms, indeed a world of biosemiotics exists between all living beings (Wheeler, W), experience and even memory.” Introducing Fluminism (Battson, G).

“Biosemiotics is dedicated to building a bridge between biology, philosophy, linguistics, and the communication sciences.” Springer Editorial.

Increasingly, in a volatile and rapidly changing climate, there is a need to draw attention to the signs emanating from ‘above’ – the climatic symbols of change (sometimes violent). The messages from the ‘gods’.

Picture the smashed car windows from hail, or the coal tip on fire from lightning strikes, the flattening of buildings from violent tornados, man-made reservoirs empty of water, lorries blown over in the wind, wet markets sealed-up with notices and people wearing masks every day of their lives, car factories submerged in stormwater, planes in crosswind landings in lashing rain.

Gathering storms or searing hot sun rays are portentous. The resulting damage, a sign or symbol. Caelosemiotics.

Caelo  ~ latin ~ the heavens, weather, climate, sky.

Semiotics ~ Coined by John Locke from Ancient Greek σημειωτικός for portending, that which is ominous, a calamity to come ~ the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

Caelosemiotics ~ SIGNS of climatic havoc, warnings to all (homosapien and teresapien).