I pass these words on, in the spirit of Spring Theory, hoping they live long and fruitful lives.

photo by me

River of Love in the Desert. Photo by me.

Anti-Symial, anti-flumial ~ anti-flumial is to specifically block the flows of life. Anti-symial is the disgrace of it all.

Avumbra ~ brief shadow cast upon oneself by a bird flying in the path of the sun.

Auranima ~ sun shines on glossy leaves, wet pebbles or corvid feathers, turning them ‘white’.

Baha ~ life force, truly glorious.

Caelosemiotics ~ signs of climatic havoc, warnings to all (homosapien and teresapien).

Cavignus ~ flickering sunlight deep in a natural hollow.

Cherishism ~ an introduction to a very different political alternative.

Corsindolorn ~ perceiving nature whilst free of worry/heartache, since all appears well.

Cortiform ~ all the variable characteristic features of bark.

Cupilustria ~ yearning for the wild.

Esranebulous ~ uncanny light produced by the carbon atoms from the deaths of living forests. The Ghostlight of the Anthropocene.

Floloca ~ perceiving ‘place as flowing’, not simply as human, but conscious imagination along the dynamic matrix of life and death, and at a spectrum of scales.

Fluminism ~ the interconnected narrative of universe, there is flow to and from all dimensions, including ones we are yet to understand. The complexity is endless, the minutiae beautiful. A powerful form of love.

Fluminist ~ a living being whose compassionate actions contribute to continuation of dynamic flows of interconnectedness, to nurture them and to protect them towards a mutual end, whereby all life has opportunity to flourish, rather than to harm or prevent. A powerful form of love.

Fluminophilia/iac ~ the love of rivers, a river loving person.

Forwild, forstore, forwire, foralign, forweave… ~ newness ahead.

Homo hubris/Mundus Nemesis ~ the foolishness of anthropocentrism and Earth’s correlating acts of  ‘revenge’  ~ reflexivity of climate volatility, sea level rises, drought, flood, leading to extinction.

Hubrigenesis ~ the evolutionary aftermath of the biospheric violence of the Anthropocene.

Humammal ~ humans as ‘animal’.

Kinnage ~ a new kind of human/non-human community living. Where nature and fluminism is paramount, ourselves being just a part of the whole.

Kinnaria ~ wild places in and around cities, urban areas and kinnages. To replace ‘Green Space,’ with awildian love and meaning.

Locacede ~ to withdraw from a place, to directly decolonise humans from an ecological system. A replacement for ‘decolonization.’

Malbys, Maltrys ~ two moral wrongs, three moral wrongs.

Nagorasphere ~ the phenomenon of ‘exchange’ in nature, as a significant part of the biosphere.

Natbagging ~ to collect natural items, or manuports, in one’s bag or pocket. Often instinctive.

Nausirage ~ a strong emotion, the feeling of knowing the biosphere is under assault.

Ornicophony ~ a loud symphony of birdsong, so loud as to prevent thought.

Patientism ~ realisation that accute ardean (heron-like) potential is within us all, primed for imagining the moment of exquisite action in the flow of all life.

Praximund  ~ the deepest possible respect for natural processes, and a fundamental requisite of fluministic action.

Sanguimund ~ seeing nature as community, affecting the viscera, and another fundamental requisite of fluministic action.

Selfosis ~ species selfishness. In the end, a catastrophic form of self harm.

Spennowan ~ spider wisdom, fierce adaptable beauty, we may all appreciate.

Spring Theory ~ when a neologism is created it is passed on. It evolves, by memory and in feeling from being to being. Before long, it is realised and lived.

Summimbers ~ curtains of rain seen at a distance.

Symling/s ~ colloquial name for holobiont/s.

Teresapien ~ a positive word to use instead of ‘non-human.’

Tissumble/s ~ noisy, colourful nature moments of memory and imagination, triggered by sounds.

Transilience Gap ~ biodiversity declines and climate changes may require more radical solutions before many people are ‘ready’ to take the risk. There is a gap or a deficit.

Traumundi ~ the trauma of the collective living Earth caused by climate and ecological shock. Neologism borne from ecoinsomnia!

Tweavelet ~ small leaf bundle snagged around a twig, in and around rivers.

Tweeterie ~ philosophy by tweet thread.

Valens (Planet) ~ a re-naming of our planet, to promote love as a fundamental strength to life-process (fluminism).

Vitanance ~ being right in itself, stemming from diversity, proliferation and of the complexity of all life. As opposed to human dominion being wrong.

Witanslay ~ to be less busy, to draw on less resources, to value close proximity for the sake of a more symbiotic life in our one biosphere. A wisdom of laziness.

Xenotrauma ~ specific new and heinous form of human anguish inflicted by those prejudiced against foreigners, xenophobes who despise and fear desperate people fleeing desperate situations. Particularly profound at hard, international borders.